Alliance Navigator

"My money's on slavers, the Terminus Systems are crawling with them."

Navigator Charles Pressly is an officer aboard the SSV Normandy, serving as the Navigator. His grandfather served in the First Contact War. He is not comfortable with non-humans (especially Turians), but he is loyal to his commanding officer and will set aside those prejudices to serve the Alliance faithfully.

Pressly joined the Alliance shortly after he finished school, desiring to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. Before the Normandy, he was stationed on the SSV Agincourt, a frigate which was one of the first reinforcements to arrive at Elysium after the Skyllian Blitz (if Commander Shepard has the "War Hero" background, Pressly will reminisce about the Commander's involvement in the Blitz). After the crisis as Elysium, Pressly received his officer's commission and was selected by Captain David Anderson to serve on the Normandy as the Navigation Officer.