Original SoundtrackEdit

  • The Illusive Man

Plays during most conversations with the Illusive Man

  • Humans Are Disappearing

Plays during the memorial scene post Suicide Mission (Memorial scene only plays if a squadmate died)

  • The Attack

Played during the intro, when the normandy is under attack

  • The Lazarus Project

Played during the scene depicting Shepard's recovery and the beginning of project lazarus

  • A Rude Awakening

Played during the Prologue: Awakening Mission

  • The Normandy Reborn

Played when Joker shoes Shepard the new Normandy

  • Miranda

Played during Miranda's loyalty mission

  • Jacob

Played during Jacob's loyalty mission

  • Freedom's Progress

Played during the Freedom's Progress Mission

  • Thane

Played during Thane's Recruitment and Loyalty missions

  • Garrus

Played during Garrus' Recruitment and Loyalty missions

  • An Unknown Enemy

Played during the scene depicting the Collector attack on Horizon

  • Samara

Played during Samara's Recruitment and Loyalty missions

  • Grunt

Played during Grunt's Recruitment and Loyalty missions

  • Horizon

Played during the Horizon mission

Played during Tali's Recruitment and Loyalty missions

  • Mordin

Played during Mordin's Recruitment and Loyalty missions

  • The Normandy Attacked

Played during the Collector attack and abduction of the Normandy's crew

  • Jack

Played during Jack's Recruitment and Loyalty missions

  • Legion

Played during Legion's Loyalty Mission

  • Jump Drive

Played during the Normandy's entrance into the Omega 4 Relay

  • Crash Landing

Played during the Normandy's evasion of the Oculus in the debris field

  • The Collector Base

Played during the beginning, during and after the Investigate Collector Ship mission

  • The End Run

Played during the entrance into the Collector Base and during the conclusion of the Suicide Mission

  • Suicide Mission

Contains bits of End Run, but tiny sections play as your on the Suicide Mission

  • New Worlds

Played when your exploring the Galaxy map

  • Reflections

Played during the romance scene with your love interest

Mass Effect 2 Atmospheric SoundtrackEdit

  • What The Future Holds

Played during Loading Screens

  • Negotiating with Miranda

Played during the Niket Revelation in Miranda's loyalty mission

  • Shuttle Ride

Played during shuttle rides, but the whole song is played post-Prologue: Awakening Mission

  • Finding Samara

Played during the "Find Samara" part of Samara's Recruitment Mission

  • Charges of Treason

Played during and after Tali's trial

  • Finding Archangel

Played after defeating Tarak and when Garrus is dying and during conversations with Garrus in the mission

  • Facial Reconstruction

Played while your customizing your Shepard

  • Chatting With Mordin

Played during conversations with Mordin in his recruitment and loyalty missions

  • Pure Krogan

Played during conversations with Grunt and other krogan on Tuchanka and during Grunt's loyalty mission

Mass Effect 2 Combat SoundtrackEdit

  • Gunship Battle

Played during the battle with the gunship on Illium, during Samara's Recruitment Mission

  • Gathering Charges

Played during the gathering C4 charges and Colossus boss battle on Haestrom, during Tali's Recruitment Mission

  • Mother Vs. Daughter

Played during Samara and Morinth's battle in Samara's loyalty mission and your battle with Captain Wasea

  • Collector Fever

Played during the battle with Collector forces at the end of the Horizon mission

  • Testing Memories


  • Infiltration

Played during the initial fighting part of the Suicide Mission, where your escorting your tech specialist

  • Delivering the Cure

Played during the final part of Mordin's Recruitment Mission

  • Escape from Omega

Played when Tarak attacks Garrus, and during the resulting boss fight with Tarak

  • Convincing Jack

Played when Jack discovers the Normandy, and your convincing her to leave the Purgatory with you

  • Grunt Awakens

Played when you decide to release Grunt from his tank

  • The Long Walk

Played during the "Escort Biotic Specialist" section of the Suicide Mission

  • The Human Reaper

Played during the confrontation with the Human Reaper

  • The Swarms / Shepard's End

Played only if you have a unloyal or unspecialized squadmate for Biotic Specialist, and you lose a squadmate to the Swarms. The last part is played when Shepard dies (only if all squadmates didn't survive mission)

  • The Final Reckoning

First half is played if a squadmate is lost and the rest is played during the game's ending sequences

Mass Effect 2 Kasumi: Stolen Memory SoundtrackEdit

  • Death From Above

Played during the boss fight with Donovan Hock

  • Making Our Escape

Played during the escape from Hock's mansion

  • Infiltration

Played while your exploring Hock's museum

  • Party Music

Played while your exploring Hock's party

Mass Effect 2 Overlord SoundtrackEdit

  • Final Conversation

Played after defeating the Overlord Boss Fight, and your condemning of Dr. Gavin Archer.

  • Boss Combat

Played during the boss fight with Overlord

  • Tension Rising

Played during non-combat areas during Vulcan, Prometheus and Atlas Stations

  • Combat Troops

Played during combat sequences

Mass Effect 2 Lair of the Shadow Broker SoundtrackEdit

  • As They Enter
  • Played during your investigation of Liara's apartment
  • Building Explosion
  • Played during your investigation of Baria Frontiers
  • Agent Combat
  • Played during combat sequences with the Shadow Broker's Troops
  • Double Cross
  • Played during Vasir's betrayal
  • Vasir Combat
  • Played during the Vasir Boss Fight
  • Shadow Broker
  • Played during your conversation with the Shadow Broker
  • Final Combat
  • Played during the boss fight with the Shadow Broker

Mass Effect 2 Arrival SoundtrackEdit

  • Mission Kenson

Played during your exploration of the Aratoht prison and your conversation with Kenson

  • Captured!

Played during your escape from Dr.Kenson's containment lab

  • Base Escape

Played during your initial attempt to escape

  • Base Escape 2

Played during your second attempt to escape

  • The Mass Relay

Played during your evacuation of Project Base, as it heads for the Mass Relay

  • The Beginning of the End

Played during the Normandy's escape from Project Base

Club MusicEdit

  • Upper Afterlife (Callista)

Played while in the Upper section of the Afterlife Club

  • Lower Afterlife (Techno Madness)

Played while in the Lower section of the Afterlife Club

  • Dark Star Lounge (Happiness)

Played while in the Dark Star Lounge

  • Eternity Bar (To Hide To Seek)

Played while in the Eternity Bar

Mass Effect 2 Keelah SoundtrackEdit

  • Kal

Played during Kal's loyalty mission

  • Lana

Played during Lana's loyalty mission

  • Shala

Played during conversations with Shala

  • Han

Played during conversations with Han

  • Lifemates

Played during conversations with Garu about the Quarian people

  • Omxa vis Xeril

Played while exploring Omxa vis Xeril

  • Children of the Fleet

Played during the meeting with the Conclave

  • Tali's Birthday

Played during Tali's Birthday...obviously

Recycled SoundtracksEdit

  • Vigil

Played after the Vasir Boss Fight, when talking to Liara and during your talk with Ashley/Kaidan on Horizon

  • Mass Effect Theme

Small section played during the ending of the game