Original SoundtrackEdit

Played during intro

Played when your on the Normandy

Played until saving Ashley on Eden Prime

Played during combat on Eden Prime

Played during deaths and when Saren is present

Played when you first visit the Citadel

Played everytime your on the Presidium and Council Chambers after showing the Council your evidence

Variation of the true Wards music

Played as the main bar music in the Noveria Hotel Suite

Played when you become a Spectre

Played while exploring Therum

Played when in mines on uncharted worlds and during the Armature boss fight on Therum

Played while in Zhu's Hope

Played when engaging geth forces on Feros

Played when Fai Dan commits suicide, when your in the catacombs and fighting to destroy the Thorian

Played while in Port Hanshan, Noveria

Played when moving through Rift Station

Played when you finally confront Benezia and the Rachni Queen

Played when you reach the shuttle bay on Feros, played when fighting your way out of the shuttle bay on Feros

Played when you make the initial entry into Saren's Base on Virmire, and are in the prison area. Also played in Saren's Lab.

Played when moving to save Kaidan/Ashley and during the arming of the nuke on Virmire

Played on most of the uncharted planets when in the Mako and during the Mako section of Virmire

Played when escaping the blast of the nuke on Virmire, when escaping the Citadel and when you are attacked by Saren

Played during the aftermath of Ashley/Kaidan's death on the Normandy and during the romance scene with your love interest

Played when your in the galaxy map

Played while on Derelict Ships

Played on Mass Effect's Main Menu and during the conversation with Vigil

Played when Shepard's visions pop up

Played when the Citadel fleet attempts to stop Sovereign from accessing the Citadel

Played during the final boss fight with Saren

Played when Sovereign and the Geth fleet attack the Citadel

Played when Sovereign transforms Saren's body into a Reaper warrior, the final boss

Played while Shepard and his squad are fighting to gain access to the Citadel Tower

Played when the Normandy and Alliance fleet destroy Sovereign

Played during the aftermath of Sovereign's defeat and Shepard's remergence from his debris

Played during the ending of Mass Effect

Played in the Credits

Non SoundtrackEdit

Songs not found on Soundtrack

Played on the Normandy when the player first assumes control of Shepard. Not played afterward.

  • The Normandy Debriefing

Played during the debriefing between Anderson, Shepard and Nihlus.

  • Eden Prime Version 2

Played after saving Ashley when not in combat

  • Eden Prime in Ruins (Not included ingame, hidden in gamefiles)

Not included in actual gameplay. It is thought this track was to be used somewhere in the game during early stages, but was removed for unknown reasons.

  • Saren Version 2

Played during the scene with Saren at the Beacon. Only the first few seconds of its beginning are played ingame, but the rest can be found hidden in the gamefiles.

  • The Council Chambers

Played when in the Council Chambers during your first visit. It later replaced by the Presidium theme

  • The Presidium Version 2
  • The Presidium Version 3
  • The Wards Version 2
  • The Council

Played during your first meeting with the Council

Played while your in C-Sec Academy in the Wards

  • The Wards Version 3
  • The Wards Version 4
  • Criminal Elements Version 2
  • Criminal Elements Version 3
  • Shepard's Speech Paragon Version

Played while your giving a Paragon speech to your crew

  • Shepard's Speech Renegade Version

Played while your giving a Renegade speech to your crew

  • Therum Combat
  • Therum Combat Version 2 (Not included ingame, hidden in gamefiles)
  • Therum Combat Version 3
  • Therum Combat Version 4
  • Feros Version 2
  • Feros Version 3
  • Feros Version 4
  • Protecting the Colony Version 2
  • The Thorian Version 2
  • Noveria Version 2
  • Noveria Version 3
  • Noveria Version 4
  • Noveria Version 5
  • Entering Peak 15
  • Peak 15
  • The Hot Labs
  • Matriarch Benezia

Played during the boss fight with Matriarch Benezia on Noveria

  • Fatal Confrontation Version 2
  • Wrex

Played during your confrontation with Wrex

  • Hold the Line

Played during Kirrahe's speech to his men

Played during the final assault on Saren's Base

A remixed version of the Virmire Battle theme

  • Virmire Battle Version 3 (Not included ingame, hidden in gamefiles)

A variation of the Virmire Battle theme, except not included ingame. It was mostly likely a early version.

It is a variation of Breeding Ground, and is used as the background music when your customizing your Shepard

  • Saren Confrontation
  • Virmire Ride Version 2
  • Exit Version 2
  • Exit Version 3
  • Exit Version 4
  • Race to the Conduit

Played during combat sections on Ilos

  • Vigil Version 2

Played during the Archives section on Ilos in the Mako

  • Sovereign's Theme Version 2

Played if you sacrificed the Council and you are deciding on a new council

  • Saving the Council

Played if you choose to order the Alliance fleet to save the Destiny Ascension

  • The Presidium Under Attack (Not included ingame, hidden in gamefiles)

The track is a eerie version of the Presidium track, but was not included ingame as the Presidium gameplay section was massively shortened, and it couldn't fit. It is found in the gamefiles

  • Battling Saren Version 2
  • Saren's Death
  • Final Assault Version 2
  • The Council Grateful

It is a variation of Vigil, played if you saved the Council and they are giving you their gratitude. Serves as a aftermath of the Citadel Battle.

  • The End (reprise) Version 2

Played during the elevator loading screens

Played after defeating Fist and when your rushing to save Tali from the assassins

Played in the bar in the wards, Chora's Den

Played in the bar in the wards, Flux

  • Fear

Played during usually evil or scary moments

Meant as the original main theme, but was scratched and replaced with the current one

  • Haunting Revelations

Played when you first encounter the husks on Eden Prime and during the distress call on the Normandy

  • Suspense

Played during the Consort first encounter scene

  • Sad

Played during sad moments, such as your failure to convict Saren and Admiral Kahoku's death

  • Elevator Mass Effect Theme (Easter Egg)

Can be found playing during elevator snippets. It is rare, but is a sort of a elevator redo of the main theme.