You are in charge of the ground team dropped into Eden Prime, an Alliance colony under attack. Your primary goal is to find and secure the Prothean beacon.


This mission is acquired after the opening cinematic sequence and reporting to the comm room on the SSV Normandy.


Prologue: On The NormandyEdit

The mission opens up on the Normandy's bridge with you listening to a conversation between Joker and Kaidan. Joker is complaining about the presence of a spectre on the Normandy, with Kaidan believing they have sent Nihlus Kryik, the Turian Spectre, to keep an eye on the Normandy, which they helped build. Joker argues against this at which Shepard can take Joker's side, be neutral, or be on Kaidan's side. Eventually you are called to the comm room by Anderson.

Head down to the comm room via the corridor ahead and past the CIC into the Briefing room. You can also gain codex entries by talking to Navigator Charles Pressly and then interrupting Dr. Karin Chakwas' and Corporal Richard Jenkin's conversation. Pressly will complain about the presence of a Spectre, while Jenkins will announce his excitement to see some real combat, while Chakwas will be pesimistic. After entering the comm room and finishing the meeting with Anderson and Nihlus, you discover Eden Prime is under attack from unknown hostiles.