"We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end, because we demand it."

Sovereign is the flagship of the rogue Spectre, Saren Arterius. An enormous dreadnought larger than any known ship in any other known fleet, Sovereign is crewed with both Geth and Krogan. At two kilometers long, it's spinal-mounted main gun is likely capable of penetrating another dreadnought's kinetic barriers in a single shot.

The prevailing opinion is that Sovereign is a geth construct, while others believe it is a Prothean relic. It's design, however, hints at a more alien and mysterious origin. The attack on Eden Prime demonstrated Sovereign's ability to generate Mass Effect fields powerful enough to land on a planetary surface. This implies it has a massive element zero core, and the ability to generate staggering amounts of power.

Sovereign is voiced by Peter Jessop