Alien races that were once content to stay on the fringes of galactic politics are now stepping up to provide whatever is needed to win this war.

Terminus FleetEdit

Requires: The completion of the three missions for Aria T'Loak.

Military Strength: 50

The Terminus Fleet is an assortment of mercenary vessels and pirate ships bound together by little more than common geography and a fear of the Reapers. Despite this volatile mix, the Fleet seems to be functioning as one under the leadership of criminal warlord Aria T'Loak.

UPDATED (If Aria: Blood Pack is completed)

Military Strength: 50

The Blood Pack's mercenaries have been compared to floods, wildfires, and other calamities. It recruits Krogan and Vorcha, preferably those with no regard for collateral damage. On the rare occasion when brute force is insufficient, the Blood Pack is willing to deploy weapons of mass destruction normally banned in Citadel Space.

UPDATED (If Aria: Blue Suns is completed)

Military Strength: 50

This "private security group" is careful to maintain it's image as a professional mercenary force. In reality, the Blue Suns have drifted further and further into becoming a full-blown crime syndicate. Despite this, their ruthless tactics are sought after in the Terminus Systems.

UPDATED (If Aria: Eclipse is completed)

Military Strength: 50

The Eclipse Corporation specializes inn "smart" security solutions, developing tactics around surgical strikes, sabotage, and electronic warfare. These mercanaries are supported by a sizable army of combat mechs, and rely heavily on tech for support in combat.

Rachni WorkersEdit

Requires: Saving the Rachni Queen in both Mass Effect and during the Attican Traverse: Krogan Team Mission.

Military Strength: 100

Not at all mindless insects, the rachni are capable of feats of engineering comparable with any sentient species. While initially greeted with suspicion, the rachni workers dispatched to the Crucible have integrated into the project smoothly. They work especially well on tasks that benefit from group work, and senior Crucible staff members are learning to trust the rachni with more complex problems.

Volus Dreadnought KwunuEdit

Found: Aethon Cluster, Esori, Solu Paolis.

Military Strength: 50

The volus have only produced one dreadnought, the Kwunu, named after the diplomat who negotiated their client race status with the Turians. The Kwunu is the only volus ship of it's class, but is remarkably well-armed. It's broadside cannons and main gun are all Thanix Magnetic Hydrodynamic Weapons. A turian general touring the Kwunu after it's maiden system-voyage ethusiastically declared that the ship could "char a planet three times over." While its construction was funded entirely by the Elkoss Combine Corporation, the dreadnought was jointly gifted to the Vol Protectorate and Turian Hierarchy upon completion.

Shadow Broker Support TeamEdit

Found: Hourglass Nebula, Sowilo, Hagalaz.

Military Strength: 40